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for voice & ensemble

commissioned by FontanaMix

premiered on 6.11.22

Bologna, Italy

Beltrán González conductor

FontanaMix Ensemble:

Valentina Coladonato, Voice

Lavinia Guillari, Flute

Marco Ignoti, Clarinet
Nunzio Dicorato, Percussion

Franco Venturini, Piano

Alice Caradente, Harp
Piero Agosti, Electric Guitar

Giacomo Scarponi, Violin

Valentino Corvino, Viola

Sebastiano Severi, Cello

Duration: 11'

Macchinario is a of bestiary of machines. The piece is made by 9 nano-pieces. Each one of which, is an imaginary or real engine/machine/device. In order to unite these different machine-sounds I utilized texts from Backhoe instruction manuals. This technical text confronts the music, and provides an extra layer that we can perceive as poetic, evocative or just bureocratic.  


Here is a small video (an Instagram story actually) from one of the machines that inspired these sounds:

I analyzed this example with an Spectral viewer and then "orchestrated" it adjusting some parameters:

macchinario 7Beltrán González
00:00 / 00:30

The texts come from user manuals for heavy machines, which provide sometimes very interesting (and fun) examples:

Two: Slide pin A and pivot arms B backwards against the cross tube. Remove pin D and press the cylinder carefully on the cross-pipe. ATTENTION! The bucket is heavy and can cause injury if moved incorrectly.

(Note:) the parking brake indicator will illuminate, the alarm will sound, and the engine STOP indicator will illuminate if the direction selector is engaged while the parking brake is applied. Release the parking brake before engaging the direction selector.

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