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ruins, rubble, or any form of debris I&II


for ensemble

premiered on 17.12.22

commissioned by DistatTerra Festival

Choele Choel, Argentina

Aaron Holloway-Nahum conductor

RIOT Ensemble:

Richard Craig, flute
Teresa Doblinger, bass clarinet
Goska Isphording, harpsichord
Iñigo Berrade, accordion
Bruno Lobianco, percussion
Marie Schreer, violin
Deni Teo, violoncello

Duration: 12'30''

ruins and rubble are, like all material objects, unfinished products, processes in the making that are always subject to further deterioration and are therefore“in a fluid state of material beco ming”. The wrecks created in the 1800s on the Bermejo (Northwest Argentina) gradually disintegrated as a visible physical presence, even if remains of metal planks are still buried underground in Gorriti and elsewhere in the Argentinian Chaco. This is a material disintegration that I also witnessed elsewhere during my fieldwork at places where elderly residents remembered nodes of rubble that are no longer visible.

No space vanishes utterly, leaving no trace, some places do vanish utterly, at least in the sense that their debris can no longer be apprehended at a visual or tactile level. But places and objects can vanish while leaving traces of a different nature.


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