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SentimentalEcho Recoveries

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Musiktheater for 3 Voices, 5 Instrumentalists and Electronics

Performances: 5th & 7th July 2024

Staatstheater Kassel, Germany

Regie: Jette Büshel, Elisa Künast

Composition: Beltrán González

Stage: Thorben Schumüller

Singers: Daria Tymoshenko, Lorenz Kollmann, Lara Alarcón.

Duration: ca 30'

texts by 5 anonymized sources and Beltrán González, Elisa Künast & Jette Büshel

Info & Tickets:

Get ready, because for the first time, SentimentalEcho Recoveries is inviting you to an open day! Born from a small family business - today a large factory, and now ready for you to take a unique glance behind the scenes of the pioneers of sentimental preservation. 
The company's focus is on the potential of musical transformation to bring lost objects with emotional value back to life. You can become part of the work processes that our artists and instrumentalists undergo to lovingly create customised musical fragments. Our team will be happy to welcome you and describe every step necessary for emotional realisation. If you are convinced by the results, you can also place your personal order at the end of the tour. Because nothing is more precious than the memory you feel! And SentimentalEcho Recoveries helps you to preserve them.

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