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beltrán gonzález



-new piece for ensemble & video (for NAMES Ensemble) (10')

-new piece for quartet. (8')

-dried roses, street lights & wet curtains, for soprano, flute, horn, e-guitar & violin. (9')

-black threads, maybe falling, for contrabass clarinet & electronics (9')

-false papers, for chamber ensemble (commissioned by Ensamble NEO (Arg) (7')

-that place where boundaries became faces, for amplified trio. Supported by Musikfonds e. V. (26')

-new work for violin & electronics (15')

-inhabited by a cry for e-guitar, trumpet, piano & cello. Commissioned by Ensemble Ascolta (15')


-ruins, rubble, or any form of debris II for chamber ensemble(commissioned by DistatTerra Festival, for RIOT Ensemble) (12')


-a thread of quiet words, city fragments and black steps (commissioned by MehrlichtMusik! for The Present Vocal ensemble) (16')

-carga llena, otros planes, for Voice, Ensemble & Fixed Media (commissioned by Vertixe Sonora)(22')

-macchinario, handbook of imagined mechanisms, for Voice & Ensemble (commissioned by FontanaMix) (12')

-not the noise, not what you see, for marimba & bassoon (for Broken Frames Syndicate, commissioned by Mixtur Festival) (3')

-a fashion film about cronus, for violin & video (commissioned by Kollektiv Unruhe & 48h Neukölln) (5')

-ruins, rubble, or any form of debris, for piano (commissioned by Alfredo Ovalles) (17')

-sunken, for amplified ensemble. Two versions: short (17'); long (28')


-backhoe-fade (5') commissioned by Mixtur Festival

for flute, bass clarinet, violin and cello 

-comme un paysage fugitiv (3')

for recorder quartet (AATB)

-in more ways than one (10')

for bass clarinet, accordion, piano, percussion, viola, cello, contrabass

-Dynamic Effects Of Diverse Argentine Macroeconomic Variables In The Period 1989 - 2002 (10')

for flute, saxophone, e-guitar, percussion, piano, violin, viola & fixed electronics

-and when you open your eyes, it’ll still be there (17')

for string quartet


-no hand, in the darkness, holding nothing (11')

for clarinet & string quartet

-the space in between (9')

for orchestra

-going down the stream (10'). Commissioned by Elisabeth Müller

for accordion

-5 conductors, 4 players, 1 videoconference. A divertimento for Corona Zeiten. Commissioned by International Conducting Academy Berlin.(9’)

-three invisible fields with a tree (13')

for viola, percussion & electronics

-The word show, talk-show Opera for three Performers(48’)

-nirgends, for orchestrta.(8’)

-ordre, for Cello und Orchester (2019) (10’)


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